Given the current extraordinary circumstances with COVID19 it has been decided that QRME staff will be able to work remotely as of Monday 23 March.

Paul has been working with 000pc ensure that all the necessary files have been migrated across to Microsoft teams to ensure that we have a fluid and interactive online working space.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary and appropriate equipment to perform your work at home. All utilities and costs associated with this arrangement are your responsibility (including, internet and electricity costs, furniture, smoke detectors and first aid kits etc.).

In accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and QRME's Health and Safety Policy, it is important that:

  • The workplace is a safe area to work
  • You are contactable during agreed working hours
  • You are wearing suitable work attire including appropriate non-slip footwear
  • You have completed the QRME Working Flexibly Checklist (available here) and returned it to your manager.

A copy of the QRME Flexible and Remote Work Policy can be accessed here

We are encouraging all staff to be transparent in their work activities and communicate as much as possible with their manager and co-workers to ensure business continuity during remote working periods.

Microsoft Teams is the preferred platform for all staff to be working in.

For those who may need familiarization or assistance in navigating the platform please click on the link below for a brief YouTube tutorial.

Microsoft Teams Tutorial

All staff will have access to Microsoft Teams with their QRME Email address and password login. Most staff will have the Microsoft Teams App / Program already installed on their computer or device however if you need assistance with downloading Microsoft Teams please click here.

Working days are to start with a 09:00 Teams conference call with your team to plan and report on work for the day.

We also encourage QRME staff to keep in touch with each other through normal communications channels including email, SMS and phone.

Arrangements are being made for calls to be diverted from the QRME office to the relevant individual mobiles. If you have any questions regarding this please talk with your manager or Megan.

If you have any questions regarding the working from home arrangements or COVID19 please talk with your manager or Megan.