Skin Cancer conference Toowoomba

29 - 30 July 2017

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Presentations from 

  • Dr Albertine So MBBS PhD FRCPA Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology
  • Dr Assad Bangash MBBS FCPS FRCSEd FRCS Plast FRACS Plast
  • Dr Roger Grigg MBBS FRACS
  • Dr Peter Bourne MB MS FSCCA Dip. Dermatology, President Skin Cancer College Australasia, Lecturer at The Queensland University Medical School​
  • Prof. Scott Kitchener MBBS FAFPHM
  • Dr David Bilbrough MBBS FRACGP FSCCA
  • Dr Dougal Coates MBBS FACD
  • Dr Damian Fry MBBS FRACS
  • Dr Eric Donaldson MBBC FRACS
  • Dr Anna Carswell MBBS FRACGP 

Acquire the knowledge and skills to successfully diagnose and manage common malignant skin lesions in general practice.  Learn through presentations from local skin cancer experts, small group case based discussions, expert panels and practical sessions.


80 Category 1 QI&CPD points

(40 points each for Day 1 and Day 2)


Learning Outcomes

Day One 

  • Describe the elements of the 3 point checklist
  • Apply the 3 point checklist
  • Recognise dermoscopic features of common skin lesions
Skin History and Examination
  • Apply a focused skin cancer history
  • Identify risk factors for melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer
  • Perform a thorough skin examination
  • Identify common benign skin lesions both macroscopically and dermoscopically
  • Identify common malignant skin lesion both macroscopically and dermoscopically
Skin Cancer Surgery Introduction
  • Identify the appropriate use of different biopsy techniques (Shave, Punch, Excisional, Curette)
  • Perform a simple ellipse incorporating effective instrument technique
  • Appropriate orientation and marking of excisions
  • Use simple interrupted sutures to achieve effects wound closure (Simple, Mattress, Deep)
  • Define types of skin biopsy specimens (Excisional biopsy, Incisional biopsy, Shave biopsy, Punch biopsy, Curetting)
  • List indications for special stains and tests
  • Determine appropriate information to include on a pathology request form
  • Define common terms used in skin cancer dermatopathology (BCC (Nodular, Superficial, infiltrative, micronodular), Actinic Keratosis, In-situ Squamous cell carcinomas, Invasive SCC, Lentigo, Melanocytic naevi, Malignant Melanoma (Superficial Spreading, Nodular, Acral Lentinginous, Desmoplastic, lentigo maligna))
  • Understand the microstaging of Malignant melanomas (Breslow Thickness, Clark Level)
  • Sentinel nodes (Aus Cancer Network 2016)
  • Interpret a melanoma histology report

Day Two

Skin Cancer Surgery Advanced
  • Perform simple flaps including (Advancement flaps, Rotation flaps, V-Y flap, Z-plasty)
  • Perform deep sutures
  • Perform mattress sutures
  • Perform full thickness grafts
Skin Cancer Medicine
  • List the indications for using topical skin cancer treatments (Creams/ointments, Cryotherapy, Diathermy)
  • List the benefits for topical skin cancer treatments (Creams/ointments, Cryotherapy, Diathermy)
  • Identify and manage common side effects/adverse effects of topical skin cancer treatments

PracticAL Sessions


Ellipses & Local Anaesthetic
Biopsy Techniques
Practical & Comparative Dermoscopy
Simple Suturing
Rotation Flaps
Z-Plasty & V-Y Flaps
Local Anaesthetic Blocks






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Registration Type 


General Practitioner  $450
Rural Generalist $450
GP Registrar $395
Medical Student  $395 
Junior Hospital Doctor $395 
Registered Nurse  $395 


Who is this course for

  • General Practitioners
  • GP Registrars
  • Rural Generalists
  • Medical Students
  • Junior Hospital Doctors
  • Registered Nurses


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