The Quilpie Shire is steeped in history and the presence of many third-generation pioneers brings an added dimension to the old stories. There’s community life to explore in Quilpie, Eromanga, Toompine, Cheepie and Adavale. Primary Industries play a huge role in the shire’s economy with sheep, cattle, fish and an array of birds and wildlife calling the shire home.

Quilpie Shire is now home to the largest dinosaur found in Australia. Construction of the Eromanga Natural History Museum is complete and the facility is now open to the public for guided tours.

Quilpie Shire is filled with experiences, characters and beauty you won’t find anywhere else in the world, take the time to see them all during your visit.

Ensure your first stop in Quilpie is at the Visitor Information Centre, Museum and Gallery located in Brolga Street. The centre’s building is shaped like a train to celebrate Quilpie’s position as the beginning and the end of the railway line. As Quilpie is known as the “Home of Boulder Opal”, the building is painted in various softer hues of the opal. In recognition of the importance of water in the Outback a windmill graces the outer garden. A collection of Hebel Sculptures depicting different aspects of the Outback enhance the front garden. The centre showcases everything you need to know about the Shire and the friendly staff reflect the warm hospitality that you will find everywhere else in the area. Have a rest and access FREE WI-FI at the Visitor Information Centre!

The indoor interactive museum proudly displays the rugged history of the early pioneers. Opal mining, native flora and fauna are just a few of the interesting topics covered in the museum. The Shire Gallery hosts a different exhibition each month including travelling displays and works accomplished by gifted local artists. Adjoining the Visitor Information Centre is a new park complete with wrought iron tables and chairs. The unique hand crafted tables which were created by a local artist incorporating rims of old wagon wheels. The table tops are beautiful boulder opal mosaics inlaid with glass tile images. Gracing the park perimeter is a 45 metre mural painted by a local artist which depicts sections of the Shires proud history. Be sure to ask the friendly staff about their Guided Town Tours running twice a week and the Eromanga Dinosaur Tours visiting the Natural History Museum on Wednesday afternoons. These tours run from April 1st – 30th September

Allow the Quilpie Shire to introduce you to a radiant beauty – the exquisite boulder opal.

Australia supplies 96 per cent of the would’s commercial – grade opal and claims it as the official gemstone for the country. The boulder opal of Quilpie Shire has a backing of ironstone, which makes it one of the most beautiful and durable of all opals.

The Council fossicking area, two kilometres west of Quilpie, provides a real opportunity for all ages to have a go at uncovering this pretty gemstone. Fossick for free and no permit required.

The Duck Creek and Sheep Station Creek designated fossicking area is 60km south east of the Toompine township. these fields have been worked since the 1880′s and are open to the public, however a fossicking licence is required. Maps and licences can be obtained from Quilpie Mining Registrar.