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Kingsthorpe is a small rural town of 1500 residents that lies midway between Oakey and Toowoomba. It was originally settled in 1841 as the Gowrie pastoral run. Through the early 1900s the area began to be more developed with private farming lots and eventually a small community with school and cheese factory. The name changed from Gowrie to Kingsthorpe in the 1920s after the original settler, George King. The rail line was key to the development of the town, but since the rail-freight service ended in 1964, the town has become more a rural home for those working in Toowoomba, which is only 18 km away.

Just outside Kingsthorpe is Mount Kingsthorpe Park which has a lookout, graded walking track and provides expansive views of the Darling Downs. The town essentially epitomises a country lifestyle, with still access to the conveniences of a Toowoomba. Kingsthorpe has a main street with a hotel, cafes, hairdresser, and a small grocery store.  The town has one primary school a community hall and is serviced a few times a week by a mobile library.

The Southern Downs has a higher proportion of children, older people and males than the state average. There is also a high proportion of socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals (29%) a culturally diverse population with evidence of poor proficiency in English. The major causes of illness and death are coronary health disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), depression and lung cancer. The health determinants which drive these trends are harmful levels of alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity, poor nutrition, socioeconomic disadvantage, physical inactivity and mental health risk factors.

The Kingsthorpe Medical Centre is the only medical service in the town. It provides high quality medical care to the community and is committed to promoting wellness and disease prevention. Other medical services can be accessed via Oakey or Toowoomba.

Queensland Buses provide a bus service for the town, and there is also transport services available with Greyhound, and the Westlander train.

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