Welcome to the QRME Summer Scholarship program. The research projects will give you an opportunity to develop skills, access to research networks and enhance your employability. Our research program is supervised by experienced researchers and the projects are focussed on rural health and rural communities.

The Summer Scholarship program will commence on the early November and finish in mid December, these dates are negotiable with your supervisor.

Please write and express your interest in a Summer Scholarship position, referring to the Position Description in your application.

You will be assigned to a supervisor. In your initial meeting with your supervisor you will discuss the project, the outcomes required within the time allocated and the support infrastructure. Flexible office space is available at QRME in the Training Facility in Hume St, in days of high activity you may be required to relocate, please contact reception to make arrangements. Accommodation is also available in Toowoomba at a shared house or in the living space in the Training Facility, please email reception if you require accommodation.

You must make your own enquiries and seek independent advice regarding the tax liability or Austudy impact the scholarship payments may have. Education scholarship payments are not usually regarded as income for Austudy benefits determinations . Scholarship payments are tax free provided a number of provisions are met – please follow this link to determine if your scholarship is taxable, you must attach your calculation result to your initial claim form. Your scholarship allowance will be paid fortnightly in arrears.

There may be travel involved in your selected project. You are advised to take out an appropriate travel insurance policy if you wish to be covered against any travel risks, please note you will only be covered by QRME’s public liability insurance to the extent that an accident occurs at this facility for which QRME is at fault.

You may approach the University for insurance under their insurance policy. If cover is granted , you will need to provide an official letter stating that you have relevant insurance for the dates you will be travelling and resident in Toowoomba.

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