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Oakey Health Service

Oakey is a small community of 4000 residents just west of Toowoomba. The whole region is rich in agriculture with crops of grain, cotton and oilseeds. The area is also rich in natural resources and mining of coal seam gas and coal are the primary industries.

Oakey is a friendly location which has a library, swim centre and cultural centre. There are good shopping facilities, pubs, primary and high schools, and churches. The town has an active indoor and outdoor sporting life with numerous sporting clubs. Oakey is just a stone’s throw away from Toowoomba which is one of the largest regional centres in Queensland. The town also has its own local newspaper, The Oakey Champion, two FM stations.

The Southern Downs has a higher proportion of children, older people and males than the state average. There is also a high proportion of socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals (29%) a culturally diverse population with evidence of poor proficiency in English. The major causes of illness and death are coronary health disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), depression and lung cancer. The health determinants which drive these trends are harmful levels of alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity, poor nutrition, socioeconomic disadvantage, physical inactivity and mental health risk factors.

The Oakey Health Service is a small hospital with Acute Care, Outpatients, Accident and Emergency and X-ray facilities. The community is serviced with Home Care, HACC and Meals on Wheels and for the aged in the community, there is a 71 bed nursing home. The Cherry Street Medical Centre offers further medical services to Oakey. They are committed to wellness and disease prevention.

Transport to Oakey is best via car, bus or train. There are daily services that run within the region by the Oakey Community bus, and services that run within the state by Greyhound Australia. The Westlander train service passed through Oakey twice a week.

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