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Miles is a small town located 346 kms north west of Brisbane accessible via the Leichardt and Warrego Highways. The highlight of the town is undoubtedly the Miles Historical Museum, with it's amazing recreation of a typical turn of the century Qld country town.

In 1878, when the railway from Brisbane ran into trouble crossing Dogwood Creek, railway workers settled nearby. The small town became, for a time, the railhead for supplies to the west.

This town was known as Dogwood Crossing but later became ‘Miles’ in honour of William Miles, the owner of Dulacca Station, a local Member of Parliament and the Queensland Colonial Secretary.

Miles is 339 km west of Brisbane on the Warrego Highway. Dogwood Creek was named by the explorer Ludwig Leichhardt when he passed through the area in 1844 on his journey to Port Essington in the Northern Territory.

Miles has a relatively low level of water restrictions. To combat drought in the area and to ensure that all dwellings receive an adequate amount of water each, level one water restrictions are currently in place. The goal for each person to only use 480 litres of water per day. Like all of Queensland, Miles receives the majority of its yearly rainfall in summer from December to February. The region’s wildflowers come alive in vivid displays of red, yellow and blue in spring and right after this rainfall.

Living in Miles

Coffee Options

On site at hosptial – standard instant coffee options, you can BYO if you prefer.
There are 2 coffee shops in town.

  • The Creek Café - 07 4627 2797
  • Maces Hot Bread - 07 4627 1592  
Restaurants/Take Away Options

The local hotels offer pub style meals.

  • The Australia Hotel - 07 46 27 1106
  • Windsor Hotel - 07 46 27 1159
  • The Q Hotel - 07 4627 1152
Social activities or events

Miles has a golf club, tennis club, and lawn bowls club that are happy to take social bookings There is also a variety of events throughout the year that you’ll hear about when you’re in town. Just ask when you arrive.

Local Sport/Gym Access

Miles War Memorial Swimming Pool - 07 4627 1503
Murilla Fitness Centre - 0428 746 414
Miles Golf Club - 07 4627 1268
Miles Bowls Club - 07 4627 1101

Miles Historical Village

The highlight of the excellent Miles Historical Village and Museum is Pioneer Street, an accurate recreation of a Queensland country town's main street at the turn of the century. It contains a post office, general store, a bakery and a pub. The complex also features the old Australian Bank of Commerce, the Murilla Express building, an old cafe and Andersen's Smithy where the famous Condamine Bell was first made. The village transports visitors back to the start of the 19th century and also includes a lapidary display and war museum.

141 Murilla St, Miles QLD 4415 - 07 4627 1492

Also a must see is the Dogwood Crossing@Miles Centre, which was opened in September 2002. One of its roles is to display snippets of the social history of Murilla Shire by recording local stories. It was designed to compliment the Miles Historical Museum as well as housing an Art Gallery, Library and IT Centre.

Being a country town, Miles is abundant in native flora and fauna. Travellers to Miles in September will witness the beauty of the wildflower season, and are urged to stay around for the spectacular Miles Wildflower Festival. Locals say the festival reminds them that the area around Miles is alive with dramatic and beautiful displays of nature.  The Festival is incorporated as a part of the Beef, Bells and Bottle Tree Festival and includes street parades, market stalls and self-drive tours of nearby wildflowers fields.

Camping among the Miles wilderness is a favourite for visitors, as they can truly get close to Mother Nature. Apart from offering a magnificent display of flora, Miles too offers opportunities for bird watching, canoeing, abseiling, fossicking, fishing, trail-bike riding, horse riding and four-wheel-driving.