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Kingaroy is located approximately 150km north of Toowoomba at the junction of the D’Angular and Bunya Hghways. Kingaroy has a population of about 12 500 residents and is the largest town in the South Burnett region. Kingaroy was named after the Wakka Wakka aboriginal term for ‘red ant’ (Kingaroori), which is a unique species of ant found in the region. The town was built around the peanut and navy bean industries in the mid to late 1800s, but it has since become more renowned as a regional centre and for its flourishing wine industry.

Kingaroy is full of historical buildings, surrounded by farmlands and is relaxed and friendly in nature. The town has a golf course, bowling club, RSL, numerous pubs and regional airport. Kingaroy Shoppingworld is the largest shopping centre in town and features a Big W and Woolworths. The town has an active indoor and outdoor sport scene and has five or more gyms and health centres.  There is much to do in Kingaroy and surrounds.  The Bunya Mountains National Park and Palms National Park are worth a visit for those who are interested in the great outdoors, whereas the numerous wineries, museums, antiques and festivals might suit those who are more interested in the cultural aspects of the township.

The South Burnett region has a higher proportion of older and Indigenous populations compared with the rest of Queensland. There is also evidence of socioeconomic disadvantage. Like much of Queensland, the major causes of illness and death are coronary health disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), depression and lung cancer. The health determinants which drive these trends are harmful levels of alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity, poor nutrition, socioeconomic disadvantage, physical inactivity and mental health risk factors.

Kingaroy has a public and a private hospital. The public hospital has the following specialists who service the area: Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Diabetic Services, Radiology, Neurology Cardiology, Specialist Mental Health, Hearing Services, Pace maker Clinic and Specialist Surgical Out Patients Clinics. Along with a full complement of allied health workers, the hospital runs outreach programs such as: Child Health Clinic, General Community Health Services, Community Mental Health, Social Work and Aboriginal Health.

Public transport is limited to one bus line – Brisbane Bus Lines, who frequent the town 1-2 times per day. Within the South Burnett region, there is a local bus that has a limited service.

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