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  • Jandowae Hospital and the Gatehouse General Practice

jandowaeJandowae, which was the largest town in the Wambo Shire prior to its amalgamation, is surrounded by rich alluvial soil and is one of Queensland's largest wheat growing areas. The area also produces other crops such as barley, sorghum, oats, millet, panicum, sunflower,  safflower and linseed. Beef and dairy cattle are raised in the area and Jandowae is home to two large sawmills. Recently, a native flowers industry, exporting to Asia, has been developed in the area.

Jandowae has a memorial hall, community and cultural centre (signifying a move of the former shire's focus out of Dalby), a supermarket and local shops, three hotels, a caravan park and a hospital. Outdoor recreation facilities comprise golf, bowls, a swimming pool, a racecourse and a showground. There are also a sawmill and an annual timber festival. The major festival in Jandowae is the Jandowae Timbertown festival. The festival, held biennially, recognises and celebrates the contribution that the timber industry has made to Jandowae and attracts 3,000 to 4,000 people to the town. Other events in the town include a senior pro-am golf tournament and the Jandowae Cup race meeting.

The Jandowae Hospital's resident medical superintendent has right to private practice and is host to allied health clinics, such as physiotherapy, nutrition and diet, speech therapy and mental health. The hospital promotes the use of Telehealth allowing patients to talk to and see a health professional via video-conference without the need to travel too far from home. Rehabilitation services are available to post-operative clients, reducing the burden on the larger health facilities nearby. The Dalby and Jandowae Hospitals have joined together under one management structure to provide greater patient care by sharing staff resources.

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