The Queensland Rural Medical Longlook Program (QRMLP) is an extended rural placementoriginal9 program.  The program takes a longitudinally integrated, patient-centred approach to medical education.

The Longlook program is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training program.

Amalgamative Longlook

Overview of the year:

  • Block 7              Elective (with no orientation at G40)
  • Block 8 & 9       14 week block (with orientation by QRMLP at start of Block 8))
  • Block 10 & 11    14 week block

Each 14 week block is called a longitudinal  amalgam. Students will complete two amalgams during the year:

  • Amalgam EMCCO: Emergency Medicine and Critical Care 
  • Amalgam GPS: Rural General Practice and a Selective

Students wanting to enter the Queensland Rural Medical LongLook Program will need to preference  one of the rural  hospitals within the Griffith selection process for fourth year original21placements.  The chosen rural hospital will be the location for the EMCCO amalgam which may be completed in block 8&9 or blockoriginal26 10&11. The GPS amalgam will be completed in the alternative block.  Selection for GPS will occur after confirmation of placement in the Rural Longlook program as occurs for other metro placements.

Students should preference one of the following to join the Rural Longlook Program:

Student Accommodation Policy

Information on practices for GPS can be found on the QRME website.

QRME Placement Sites

original24Available locations for Rural GP and Selectives (to be chosen after the primary allocation of hospitals for EDCCO) are:

Special Interest Area
Number of Students

Cherbourg Hospital

Murgon Medical Centre

  • First People's Health

Griffith Kingaroy Student Residence (fully subsidised)

Travel required

Stanthorpe - My Family Medical
  • Cardiology (Heart of Australia)
  • Rural Medicine
Griffith Stanthorpe Student Residence (fully subsidised) 2
Maleny - Medicine on Maple
  • Rehabilitation (Maleny Hospital)
Griffith Maleny Student Residence (fully subsidised) 2

Gympie - Channon St. Medical Centre


Excelsior Medical Centre


The Gympie Clinic

  • Rural generalism Gympie Hospital
  • Rehabilitation Cooroy
QRME fully subsidised share accommodation 3
Goondiwindi -Goondiwindi Medical Centre
  • Rural medicine
Fully subsided share QRME accommodation 2


QRME staff and medical educators are happy to discuss placement options and to try and accommodate your selective interests. 

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