Welcome to the Griffith Rural Health Stream. This program is actually several streams depending on what you are interested in and what you want to make of it. 

Rural Health Seminars are provided in each of the first three years of the Griffith MD program. First year seminar discusses the nature of rural Australia and rural Australians, their population health, and the determinants of that health.

In second year, we discuss the common health issues causing the increased burden of disease in rural Australia, conditions which you will be learning about in your MD Program. Problem-based learning will include rural examples and rural alternative clinical scenarios for all students to begin to become familiar with rural health. The second year seminar will precede the selection process for third year zones to give students the chance to ask questions about the rural zone and placements available.

Third year seminar content is much more focused on specific rural health issues including a seminar on tropical medicine, a seminar on agricultural health, injuries, zoonotic disease and career pathways such as the Rural Generalist program and rural pathways of specialist Colleges.



There are several ways in which Griffith medical students can experience rural medicine beyond the rural health seminars in each of the first three years of the program.

Join a Hope 4 Health Skills week on the Darling Downs. 

The slides below build to go through the various Rural Health Stream options and how they could fit into a MD program. There are slides about longer and shorter experiences in rural available through the Rural Health Stream.













An Amalgamative 4th year Longlook begins with an Elective of your choice in Block 7.

Block 8 & 9 are then integrated as are Blocks 10 & 11.  Students will have an integrated dual (14 week) placement for EM & Critical Care; and an integrated dual (14 week) placement for GP and Selective. 

Selectives available in a rural towns include rural general practice, rural generalism, medical education, population health or research.

Rural General Practice placements.

GP teaching is centred on patient consultations.  Online modules are provided to assist in covering the curriculum.  Seminars days occur Week 1, 4 and 7.   

Rural GP placements are detailed here.

















Rural Indigenous Health (Selective)

Rural Indigenous Health selective placements are available throughout the (4th) year.  Indigenous Health is a major part of rural medicine. We are fortunate to have Palm Island Community Clinic placement option available.













Third Year

Longlook students are based in Rural Generalist Hospitals. Students are able to readily move through the curriculum of 3rd year addressing multiple learning objectives across several terms.

The great advantage of this for your learning in medicine is:

  • you learn from skilled generalist procedurally skilled doctors
  • co-morbidities are a focus of treatment
  • patients and their families are an integral part of their care
  • you are a valued member of the health care team. 










 Queensland Rural Medical Education

The Longlook Program that you’ve joined is well regarded locally on the Darling Downs and around Australia.  Longlook students are sought-after in hospitals and health facilities of the Darling Downs, South Burnett and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Longlook is somewhat unique in Australia in being a longitudinal rural community based program for the final and penultimate years in a postgraduate Doctor of Medicine program.  It arose by a combination of (Griffith) student activism, seeking positive rural experiences in their medical program, and rural clinical supervisor requests for motivated students to come to rural hospitals and practices for long enough periods of time to become part of the rural health team.  The initial Longlook trial in 2010 at Warwick and Stanthorpe was without external funding but with great local support.

The Commonwealth Government also liked the program and offered a series of grants to continue and to build the facilities we now have in Kingaroy, Toowoomba, Warwick, Stanthorpe and Dalby along with the other smaller refurbishment and improvement grants to smaller communities around the Downs.  The Queensland Rural Medical Longlook program is now very fortunate to have been accepted onto the Commonwealth Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training program that funds all rural clinical schools around Australia.

Another unique aspect of the Longlook program is the close relationship with rural registrars.  As you’ve probably gathered in the tertiary hospital environment, there is much to learn from registrars.  Rural hospitals are no different, except the registrars are in a different College training program.  They are still close enough to the student experience to remember what you want and need to learn, but far enough through their medical training to have much to teach.  They also welcome assistance from motivated students.

Ultimately, the Longlook program is about Rural Medicine. The content and complexity of Rural Medicine meets the curriculum requirements of the Griffith Doctor of Medicine program.  The context of Longlook placements brings an additional dimension to develop professional practice and understanding of the community and some of rural Australia.

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