What is Rural Longlook? 

Check out the presentation from Sub-Dean, Rural Professor Kitchener here

Is the Sunshine Coast university hospital available as a site or part of the other sites?

SCUH is not available as a site to any students as yet. Rural students only will be able to visit SCUH should they choose Gympie or Nambour for EM/CC or choose Maleny or Gympie for the GP/Selective amalgam. SCUH only opened 2 weeks ago, but we’ve already had meetings about Rural Longlook students having access for Selectives and visiting for regular disciplines.

When we are preferencing, are we preferencing 'rural' or the hospital we want for our ED/CritCare?

This year you will preference the EM/CC HOSPITAL INDIVIDUALLY, just the same as you would for the metro hospitals. Once being selected for a rural hospital (for EM/CC) you will then choose GP from the Rural list only available to Rural students. Selectives are as available in the location you are in for GP.

I wanted to do a selective on imaging and radiology or something paediatrics related- which of the sites will be the best option for this?

You could choose any of the EM/CC hospitals though Dalby probably has the highest paeds opportunities. Medical imaging is available as a Selective form Dalby being both available locally and with a referring Radiologist in Toowoomba nearby. Paeds would best be served in an Aboriginal Medical Service - I would recommend either Dalby (Goondir) or Cherbourg.

What are the accommodation options for sites requiring student contribution- how much contribution is required?

Nambour and Beaudesert for EM/CC will require a contribution. With interest from the students allocated, we will probably rent the house for the year and then divide up the rent accordingly. Around Nambour, a 4 bedroom house runs for about $400/WK. It will be up to the students whether they want to be in.

When will we know whether our ED/CritCare or GP/selective will come first?

We will see what the student preferences are, fit these as much as possible. No matter what, you will still do an Elective in Block 7 if coming to the Rural Hub. 

Should a site be oversubscribed, how will places be determined for that site?

As all the EM/CC hospitals are in the preference individually, allocation to these will be by the system. For GP/SELECTIVE AMALGAMS, we will try to fit the student preferences as much as possible potentially even by increasing local vacancies, but if still over-subscribed, as in previous years, we will use the ballot system as you will experience in applying for intern positions with QH.

Will the preferencing tool allow students to order their longlook preferences along with metropolitan preferences? e.g:

  • GCH
  • Logan
  • Nambour
  • Gympie
  • Tweed
  • Beudesert
  • Dalby
  • QEII

Or is it more a case of selecting longlook and then at a later date being told where you will do the EC/CC amalgam?

Also is the GP/Selective amalgam organised later in the year after the cohort has been split into longlook and metropolitan?

In response to student requests, this year, each individual EM/CC rural hospital will be preferenced individually along with the metro hospitals. So you could preference as you have written for example.

Also as for the metro, you will later select GP and Selective placements. Having selected a Rural Hub hospital, your list of GP placements will be different to those at other hospitals, but will include placements not available to metro students, placements that also have accommodation provided.

If I am preferencing rural hospitals, not just rural zone, does that mean all students will be preferencing both metro and rural sites in order of personal preference?

Yes. All students will be referencing both metro and rural sites (for EM/CC) in order of personal preference. Once choosing a rural site (for EM/CC) they will remain in the rural area just as the would generally remain in the metro area they choose. So this will mean they get GP and Selective options open only to rural students.

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