What are scholarships?

  • Grants or payments made to support a student’s education
  • On the basis of academic achievement
  • Can range from paying for textbooks or study fees to paying a substantial wage to the student

Medical Scholarships

Bonded Medical Places

This Scheme provides a Commonwealth-supported place in an Australian medical school, for which recipients are required to work in a district of workforce shortage or Modified Monash Model location 4-7 for a period of time equal to 12 months. It can be worked in blocks of no less than 12 weeks. This period can be completed between commencing internship and five years after fellowship is achieved.

More information:  http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/BMP-2016

Rural Australia Medical Undergraduate Scholarship (RAMUS)

  • Medical students from a rural background who need financial support to assist with their:
    • Accommodation
    • Travel
    • Living expenses
  • $10,000 a year during their full-time medical studies (subject to satisfactory progress)
  • To learn more about this scholarship or to apply visit: http://ramus.ruralhealth.org.au

The Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship

  • In recognition of Dr Arnold ‘Puggy’ Hunter's significant contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health
  • Encourage and assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander undergraduate students in health-related disciplines
  • Worth up to $15000 per year
  • Can study full or part time
  • Further information on the Puggy Hunter scholarship and other scholarships for indigenous people at: https://www.acn.edu.au/phmss

Australian Rotary Indigenous Health Scholarships

A co-operative scholarship programme between Australian Rotary Health, Rotary clubs and the government to assist Indigenous students with their day-day expenses while they undertake a course in a wide range of health related professions.  Value is $5,000 per year and is paid in addition to the Government Abstudy allowance, available to both undergraduate and graduate studies.

For more information visit: https://australianrotaryhealth.org.au/programs/

Australian Medical Association (AMA) Indigenous Peoples’ Medical Scholarship

The Australian Medical Association offers scholarships to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians who wish to study medicine. Students who are currently enrolled full-time at an Australian medical school and have successfully completed at least their first year in medicine are eligible to receive the scholarship. Students receive up from $9 000 to $10 000 worth of assistance for every year of their degree.

  • Students currently in their first year of medicine are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must also be eligible for ABSTUDY.
  • Subject to annual review.

To learn more about this scholarship or to apply visit:  https://ama.com.au/ausmed/ama-indigenous-peoples-medical-scholarship-2016

Australian Defence Forces Sponsored Undergraduate

While studying for a relevant degree at your choice of accredited university, join the Australian Defence Force, have your fees paid, receive a salary while you complete your degree and walk straight into a great ADF role following graduation.

How it Works:  You apply for a role in the Navy, Army or Air Force while still studying for a degree at any accredited university; and join the Service if accepted for sponsorship.  Then you concentrate on your studies and complete your degree, while enjoying a salary, benefits and no further fees.

  • Salary up to $47 715 per year during the course of any university study and they will also pay all course fees
  • If completed an undergraduate degree and wish to continue on to a Medical degree, the ADF have a Graduate Medical Scheme where they will pay you up to $66 226
  • There will be a repayment of service requirement to the ADF once you have graduated
  • To learn more about at ADF scholarship, visit http://www.defencejobs.gov.au/education/university-sponsorship/  or call the ADF on

Australian Rotary Health: Rural Medical Scholarship

Since 2007 Australian Rotary Health has offered 63 Scholarships Australia wide for medical students attending the 15 Rural Clinical Schools in Australia.

The Scholarships provide an incentive for medical students to complete one year working in a rural area. It is hoped the positive experience of rural life and the fellowship of Rotarians will encourage students to practice medicine in rural Australia.

Website:  https://australianrotaryhealth.org.au/programs/


What is HECS?

  • Higher Education Contributions Scheme (HECS)
  • Offers students an alternative to upfront payments of their university fees
    • It is cheaper to pay upfront
    • Receive 25% discount on upfront portion (if >$5000)
  • Must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or be a permanent resident
  • Can use HECS for as many degrees as you like
  • HECS debt payments delayed until earning >$ 54 869 per year
  • Will pay between 4% and 8% depending on income
  • Does not have a GST charge
  • No interest, but is indexed on 1 June each year to the current cash rate