Pathways into Griffith University health degree programs

Griffith Health 1003HLS for Years 11/12

Griffith Health (1003HLS) is a two-year part-time university course which builds on participating schools' Health Education courses. This course incorporates learning activities and experiences (eg. tutorials, conferences and lectures) which value-add to the existing secondary school subject and enables students to experience an integrated university course whilst completing their senior studies.


Certificate of Completion All students who pass the course receive an official Griffith University Certificate of Completion and an academic transcript that will serve as documentary evidence when applying for credit into a participating Griffith degree program. Queensland students will receive a statement of their grades achieved on their Queensland Certificate of Education recorded as 2 units of Advanced Study. This does not count towards OP calculation.

How to apply

To study Griffith Health you need to advise your teacher and enrol in the QSA Health Education subject at a participating high school, which incorporates Griffith Health (1003HLS). Alternatively if your school is not participating in the program, you may be eligible to participate as an individual. For more information click here.