OSCE examination preparation

Participants have the option of enrolling in:

  • 12 weekly webinars,
  • 6 weekly webinars or
  • Intensive OSCE examination workshops

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OSCE Examination Preparation Programs

Examination on
Saturday 26 May 2018

2018.1 Start date Cost
12 week OSCE Webinar Program 19th February 2018

All classes are now full.

6 week OSCE Webinar Program

16th April 2018

Classes are full

Expressions of interest via Carmen at c.passfield@qrme.org.au 

Intensive OSCE Exam Preparation 3-Day Workshop 27th - 29th April 2018

Single day $1,500

Examination on
Sunday 11 November 2018

2018.2 Start date Cost
12 week OSCE Webinar Program TBA $1,900
6 week OSCE Webinar Program TBA $1,000
Intensive OSCE Exam Preparation 3-Day Workshop 19th - 21st October 2018

Single day $1,500
3 day $4,500


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OSCE Webinars

The 12 week OSCE preparation program enables you to practice clinical cases in OSCE format on a weekly webinar. The main focus of these sessions is on OSCE technique, clinical reasoning and communication skills. Your webinar is supported by QRME medical educators who are experienced with the RACGP OSCE exam format.  Many of our educators are current RACGP examiners. We are fortunate to have some facilitators who have recently passed the OSCE and are keen to pass on their tips and tricks. You will need to purchase a copy of Susan Wearne’s book of Clinical Cases for General Practice exams to work through on top of additional clinical cases.

Group sizes are limited to ensure active learning and participation. Participants will be required to be examined, role-play and provide constructive feedback in a group setting.

Sessions run weekly for 2 hours usually commencing from 7.30pm.

The 6 week OSCE preparation program runs in a similar format to the 12 week program but over the 6 weeks prior to the OSCE exam.

Both programs now include a Post OSCE Examination Debrief Webinar to provide an opportunity to discuss the exam with our lead Medical Educator and your peers. 


Please contact Carmen Passfield on gprep@qrme.org.au for further information or click on the enquiry tab below.  

Intensive OSCE examination workshop

This intensive program provides a framework for approaching the OSCE and simulates the OSCE with multiple, timed stations. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to practice both long and short cases under exam conditions and receive feedback (written and verbal) from experienced Medical Educators and examiners.

  • Day 1  - A five station OSCE with one-on-one feedback to help identify your learning needs and areas to focus upon for improvement.  A workshop and small group sessions  focusing on communication skills follows on from this.
  • Day 2 – Intensive study group (Small groups of candidates practicing OSCE cases.  Facilitated by experienced medical educators).
  • Day 3 – Full practice OSCE with 14 stations and individual feedback.

This course is run at the Darling Downs Clinical Training Centre in Toowoomba, Queensland.  Toowoomba is a comfortable, direct plane flight from Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns or  a 2 hour bus trip from Brisbane.

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