The results are in, and all participants of the 2017.1 OSCE program passed the OSCE exam! 

Get prepared for your OSCE examination and enrol today in the QRME 2017.2 OSCE Exam Preparation Program. 

Prepare for your OSCE exam!

The RACGP OSCE exam is based on the candidate's ability to demonstrate their clinical skills, communication skills and professional attitudes. The key component to passing this exam is the candidate’s communication skills and is often the reason for failure.

Our QRME GPrEP OSCE Intensive program helps candidates focus on their communication and clinical skills. The workshop runs face to face and candidates will be given multiple tips to enhance their skills and language for the examination. The program is run over three days with an option to participate in any one or all days.


Darling Downs Clinical Training Centre
190 Hume Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350

Getting there

This course is run at the Darling Downs Clinical Training Centre in Toowoomba, Queensland. Toowoomba is a comfortable, direct plane flight from Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns or a 2 hour bus trip from Brisbane.

Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd October
Duration of course
Daily 8.00am – 5.30pm (AEST)

Register for one day or all three days.

Day 1

A five station OSCE with one-on-one feedback to help identify your learning needs and areas to focus upon for improvement.  A workshop and small group sessions  focusing on communication skills follows on from this.

Day 2

Intensive small group sessions concentrating on key aspects of the OSCE such as challenging cases, long cases and clinical examinations.

Day 3

Full practice OSCE with 14 stations and individual feedback.

group size
This event is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.
Who is this course for?
Doctors who are planning to sit their RACGP OSCE exam including AGPT registrars and GP Experience Pathway doctors.

Doctors wanting extra support in specific areas of preparation like communication and history taking skills for their RACGP fellowship exams will benefit from this workshop.

Knowledge & skills gained
  • Increased knowledge about the exam process
  • The ability to apply a systematic approach to OSCE stations
  • Improved communication skills
Learning objectives
  • Develop a structured approach to OSCE cases
  • Identify specific areas of OSCE performance that can be improved
  • Describe the critical aspects of effective communication
  • Outline key approaches to specific OSCE cases 

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OSCE Intensive Workshop Exam Preparation

Examination on 12/11/2017




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3-Day Workshop   20/10/2017 - 22/10/2017 $2,950 Registration has closed
Day 1 only 20/10/2017 $750 Registration has closed
Day 2 only 21/10/2017 $750 Registration has closed
Day 3 only 22/10/2017 $1,500 Registration has closed

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Please contact Carmen Passfield on gprep@qrme.org.au for further information. 

Please see our Facilitator List for other workshop Medical Educators.

      • “Was exactly what I felt I needed to prepare for the OSCE”
      • “I passed the OSCE so very pleased”
      • “Great workshop. Increased my confidence with respects to surviving the length of the exam. Highlighted my weaknesses and strengths so I’m focusing on improving my weak areas at present. Thank you”
      • “Excellent course that was great preparation for the real thing.” 

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